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James Brown

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1968, Pioneer Farmer, founded Waigani Pastoral Company in WA. Set up Challenge Rotorcraft WA. manufactured Gyrocopters for mustering, prospecting and farming operations. Taught 64 people to fly. Founded the Youth Business Centre and Youth Australia in Perth in the early 90’s. Volunteer Diocesan Manager, Dioceses of Aitape Papua New Guinea  2000 to 2002 building schools and teachers houses in the jungle. Recently James and his four children built two new houses in Yass NSW. Presently busy driving Hire Car and managing three properties in Yass plus looking after his wife and 4 children. James recently spent 2 years driving for Uber and really enjoyed meeting new people and hearing all the latest news and gossip.

5 stars
Has 2000 + 5 Star Rides with UBER.

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